Attic Restoration

Air Duct Pro offers attic restoration services throughout King County, Pierce, Thurston, Island and Snohomish counties in Washington.

There are two major reasons why attic restoration is so important: it strengthens the thermal performance of a home, and it reduces health risks associated with air pollutants by improving indoor air quality (IAQ).

Energy Efficiency:

An attic is like a hat for a home. Just like going outside in the winter with an inadequate hat is likely to lead to a cold, an improperly sealed and insulated attic is likely to lead to an uncomfortable home, and energy bills that are far higher than necessary. Our technicians ensure that your attic is leak free and that all of the insulation it contains is up to par (unlike the dirty, lumpy stuff that may be up there now). The result is a more comfortable home that costs less to heat and cool, and that releases fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Indoor Air Quality:

It’s an unpleasant thought, but our attics will inevitably become home to various rodents and other biological infiltrators when left alone too long (you probably knew that). All those critters leave waste, which builds up and eventually becomes airborne. Untreated, it’s then free to circulate through our ventilation systems and living areas. Furthermore, those unwelcome visitors fuss with insulation and crawlspaces, chew our electrical wiring (increasing risk of electrical fires), and -- not least of all -- scratch at our walls when we’re trying to fall asleep.

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No homeowner wants rodents, or to worry about IAQ and electrical fires, and an attic restoration project is a great way to put those concerns to rest. If you think your house needs some cleanup or retrofit work, Air Duct Pro has the tools and experience to effectively and efficiently serve you. These projects are easy to put off, and in our experience it typically becomes an “I wish I’d done this sooner” scenario. Ultimately, attic restoration projects bring peace of mind and deliver a stronger building performance, creating a healthier and more efficient place for you to live.

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