Rodent Prevention

Crossing paths with a rodent can leave a homeowner feeling alarmed, concerned, and generally disgusted. What’s worse, it’s hardly ever clear how virmen enter our homes in the first place.

The truth is, rodent prevention has a lot to do with energy efficiency and building science: close the holes, and you keep the critters out along with the drafts.

How Does it Work?

The general approach to rodent prevention covers three tasks: eliminating current infestations, removing likely food and water sources, and removing potential rodent shelter areas and areas where rodents can enter the home.

Why Choose Air Duct Pro?

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Air Duct Pro follows the whole-house philosophy of building performance, which includes rodent prevention. We won’t simply chase out the rodents that are already in your home, but will work to ensure that cracks, gaps and holes in your home’s building envelope where rodents could potentially enter the home are all sealed. In doing so, we’ll also be improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Rodent Trap Exclusion & Sanitization:

1.   Dead animals can cause diseases

2.   Attracts other animals to your home

3.   Thorough sanitization will remove unpleasant odors

4.   Eliminates the chance of bacteria from spreading

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