Wondering how you can make your home easier on the environment, while simultaneously increasing comfort and lowering energy bills? Our home energy efficiency services can help you accomplish all these goals and more. By analyzing the house as a system and looking at the interrelationships between each of your home's components -- building envelope (insulation, windows, doors, air sealing), combustion equipment (boilers, furnaces, water heaters), etc. -- we're able to identify the key sources of discomfort, indoor air quality, and energy waste in your home. We're then able to target the areas with the greatest return on investment so you get the greatest home improvement for the best value.

Air Duct Cleaning

Why air duct cleaning is important:

Your air duct system conveys forced heat and cooling into your home. It also conveys any pollutants and debris that may be present inside your ducts. The pollutants and debris accumulation in the ducts when combined with moisture, can stick to the duct walls and become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other micro-organisms. Breathing dust and micro-organism on a regular bases can compromise your health. Cleaning your ducts ensures that the air circulating into your home is healthy, safe, and free of pollutants.

Cold Air Return/Intake: What is it, and why it should be cleaned.

The cold air return(S) is an integral part of the home ventilation system. It’s easily identified by its large vent size, and close proximity to the furnace. Often there is more than one cold air return in a home. The cold air return draws air from the home into the furnace. Unfortunately it also draws in all the common debris present in homes such as carpet fiber, dust, pet hair etc. Since the cold air return vent is the gateway to most debris and contaminants, cleaning it is an important part of the air duct cleaning

There are different methods for cleaning air ducts:

The Negative Pressure Method

Negative pressure is a method in which loose debris is vacuumed out of air ducts.

The Deep Cleaning (Duct Brushing) In cases where the ducts had not been cleaned regularly, or for a long period of time, especially in moisture rich environment (Pacific North West), loose debris in the ducts mixed with moisture builds up on the walls of the ducts. This buildup provides an inviting environment for mildew, mold and bacteria. In such cases scrubbing the walls of the ducts with a motorized rotating brush is required.

Sanitization (Mold, mildew and odor removal).

Application of air duct sanitizer is often recommended after deep cleaning. It de-oxidizes the buildup remnants, retards future growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, and removes odors. When sanitization is needed, we use EPA registered solution specifically manufactured for air duct sanitation in homes. It’s safe, and leaves no residue or odor. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is available upon request.